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Recommended Doctors in bangalore

Dr. Ashish S. Nich by Manoj Lal (Bangalore)
True professional and I am very much happy to have him for my dental problem.

Dr. Srinivas Allam by suresh (bangalore)

Dr. Sridhar Pandit by ASIF HUSSAIN (Bangalore)
He did a laparoscopic surgery to my daughter for gall bladder removal. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly surgeon. I would recommend him for any pediatric surgeries as well.

Dr. VIDYADHARA S by Gokul (Bangalore)
Very humane doctor, explains all the perspectives about the disease. He orders investigations and operates only when it is indicated compared to other wrong practices in the market.

Dr. Dilip kumar ra by Jaswanth (Pakala)
He is a very good doctor at treating patients,i strongly suggest and recommend people in bangalore to visit "aashish dental care"to get rid of teeth issues and live hapily

Dr. C. Balamba by Vijayalakshmi G M (Bangalore)
She is very experienced doctor and makes her patients very comfortable while giving the treatment. She has lot of patience to listen to our problems and accordingly provides the treatment.

Dr. VIDYADHARA S by Azra (Bangalore)
Dr Vidyadhara is not only an excellent doctor but also a very fine person.His diagnosis, treatment and surgical skills are par excellence.He is humane, compassionate and treats one with utmost care and concern.His humility, accessibility in times of crisis, his values and principles all put him in a class of his own.He is totally committed to alleviating the pain and suffering of his patients.Wishing him the very best and God bless him and his family.....

Dr. K.M Mahendrana by Sanjoy Ghosh (Pune & Bangalore)
He is like a God to me. Before meeting him I was confined in a room for years but now I can go anywhere I wish to. I can swim and I can climb mountains too !!!. Thank you Doctor.

Dr. VIDYADHARA S by Asiya (Bangalore)
I believe Dr Vidyadhara is one those rare docs who can be trusted to put your desease into perspective and help you to make a decision on next steps. Total satisfaction guaranteed as he is not out to make a quick buck out of your misery which is hard to come by in these days where docs fleece patients for financial gain. Some docs are also incompetent and cannot even diagnose without running an entire battery of tests which stress and bleed out the patient finalcially and emotionally! Dr Vidyadhar may your tribe increase!! God bless and good luck...

Dr. Ravi Gopal Var by Praveen CP (Bangalore)
He is a Neuro surgeon and a really good doctor !!

Dr. Jagan Mohan Re by jyothi (bangalore)
really good dentist i have ever come across.his treatment approach was really great.

Dr. Jagan Mohan Re by lokesh (bangalore)
dr.jagan has done a great job on my teeth.His treatment approach was really great...this is a small gratitude to thank him by referring him to everyone who needs dental care in indiranagar

Dr. Lilly Sen by nikil kumar (bangalore)
you are good doctor

Dr. Dinesh Mittal by churan singh (bangalore)
excellent doctor, who cured my illness completely

Dr. Yashoda Ramnath by Chitra (Bangalore)
She is the best!

Dr. Shalini Machado by Carlex (Banglaore)
Cleanliness of her office; her attention and professional and caring attitude

Dr. Manu B. J. by Sujata (Bangalore)
He's an extremely good dentist and makes his patients feel comfortable