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Dr. Shishoo Sangi
Fantastic dental surgeon.
Dr. Dr Ravin Shah
Dr. Ravin Shah is a kind and skilled dental surgeon. I have undergone 2 Root Canal Treatment and Flap Surgery for lower teeth. His Clinic is well-equipped and he has latest dental materials. I would totally recommend him.
Dr. Krupa R. Vaidya
Perfect in her treatment. No exaggerated charges. I have been taking her treatment since long time and having very good experience.
Dr. Alpesh Gediya
He is nice, Honest, Genuine psychiatrist.
Dr. Priyadarshana
Dr. Rajesh N. Pandya(M.D.S)(H.O.D of Oral Pathology). Dr. Priyadarshana R. Pandya(M.D.S)(H.O.D of Conservative Dentistry). Along with the doctors they are great human beings.They never makes their patients feel that they are undergoing the treatment.Their nature makes them different.Generally clinic,treatment,surgery...such words create negative image in one's mind except doctors.But,things and places doesn't matter if patients have doctors whom they can trust.These doctors makes the atmosphere positive.They have ability to spread positive vibe among their patients. When first time i went their i was so afraid.But then i became positive about that nice place(their clinic) and that adorable doctors. My check up has been done by sir(Dr. Rajesh N. Pandya).He is the funny man.Then my case has been handled by mam(Dr. Priyadarshana R. Pandya).She is the great woman.She has done my treatment in very affectionate manner.As,about me i need my mom at every unknown place,specially at clinic.I always feel unsafe without my mom.But,when mam was doing my treatment i never felt"Oh God! i need my mom here."This is because of her affectionate manner to handle her every child patients.She makes her patients smile all the time.She never makes her patients feel the pain during treatment.She is the worthy person.I adore her. One thing i like to mention is"They are my inspirators.".They inspired me lot.I have learned so many things from them,specially from mam. On Octomber 16,2010(saturday) sir told me that "every great man(swami vivekanand,buddh,mahvir....)says that god gives us small opportunities,and we ignore it because it is small,but once you enter ,he'll open so many doors for you." Thus,along with my adorable parents, sir and mam both have played great role for giving the shape to my life.This is the reason why i adore them.My parents are my god. Most of credit goes to my parents for giving me pleasurable life,but credit also goes to sir and mam. Along with my dearest parents ,sir and mam (also) will be the reason for my success,whenever i will get success in my life. THEY HAVE SOLUTION OF ALL DENTAL PROBLEMS....THEY HAVE SPECIAL HUMAN TOUCH FOR THEIR ALL PATIENTS.... THEY ARE GREATEST DOCTORS OF THE WORLD.

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